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1 interesting articles on Sun May 08, 2011 3:17 pm

We couldn’t be more excited about seeing Mark Owen, Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Robbie Williams on the Progress tour. We’re expecting big things – huge – and if their last couple of tours are anything to go by, then we know we’re going to get something amazing.

And now that we know that rehearsals for the big event have started already – in South London’s Wandsworth no less - we literally can’t wait to see what they’ve got to offer (oi cheeky, get your minds out of the gutter – we meant gig-wise).

Yesterday, Howard and Mark were both spotted outside The Arc, both on their way in to the rehearsal room. Luckily, there were some beady-eyed fans there to spot them, a few of whom nabbed Howard for a photo. Mark however managed to slip in without many people noticing him (other than us of course) – but he certainly did impress us with the fact that he was riding a bike rather than going for the old car-with-tinted-windows method of transport that most stars go for. In fact, he rode his sweet little bike over from his pad round the corner. Maybe it’s all a part of his ‘get fit’ routine before the tour starts?

Workers in The Arc have clearly already been tapped for information too but have refused to spoil any surprises on what we can expect (which we’re grateful for – there’s nothing like seeing those opening night pictures in all their glory). But the band have taken extra measures to make sure nothing slips out anyway by banning the use of camera phones from the venue. Oh, oh, we’re excited…

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